Sustainable Styling

If you are stuck in a rut with your image and your wardrobe is in a serious need of a refresh, I can assist you. As a Personal Sustainable Stylist, I can go through your wardrobe to find the pieces that suit your body shape, personality and lifestyle, re-purpose/recycle the pieces that no longer have a place in your style and then guide you in a sustainable styling session to guide you on your style and replenish where you are missing items.

Why choose sustainable fashion and not new?

As a Personal Sustainable Stylist, I am an advocate for the slow fashion movement and I’m conscious of my influence in a market where fashion waste is at its peak, I firmly believe we need to start focusing on the waste, not on the oversupply of retail stores.  We can obviously gain some insight into current trends and colours by the retailers, but creating your style should not be dictated by a season or trend, rather around your own individual personality and body shape. Sustainable fashion is stylish and modern – you just need the right pieces and I can help.